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On Saturday, we had a wonderful time celebrating Earth Day by volunteering at the school to beautify the campus. Thank you to everyone that came out and helped with the work. Here are a few pics from the day.

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Carver second graders created models to show how water can form canyons over time. They learned that this type of erosion is a slow process that happens over a long period of time. GREAT job Ms. Stone and Mrs. A. Carter’s Classes!

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Students from Booker and Carver participated in a VEX Robotics Scrimmage today. This was Booker students’ first time in a competition setting. Even though this wasn’t a competition, Booker students outscored several other teams. Carver students took home an award for Outstanding Sportsmanship! Both teams did a GREAT job. Shout out to Lawrence, from Williams Magnet, who helped out Carver with some controller issues.

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