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Carver is in our third year in a partnership with the Sturgis School of Music through ASO's education program. The fourth graders have eight weeks of violin lessons followed by a presentation. They have demonstrations including harp, string quartet, "Celebrating Arkansas Composers" and "Your Brain on Music." They are thoroughly enjoying their time in music class. Thank you Mrs. Hughes for sponsoring this program once again!

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We want to send a shout out to LRPD's bike patrol for pedaling through Carver's playground today to make sure our students and staff our safe. We appreciate all of their service and support. Thank you!

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Our Carver PTA surprised Mrs. Anngelica Carter with a $250 Visa Gift Card this morning for being Carver's Teacher of the Year. We are proud of both Mrs. Carter and our wonderful PTA for all the work they have done this year. Congratulations!

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