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houses at carver

Students at Carver Magnet Elementary belong to one of four houses – Amistad, Dienen, Funda or Yorisi. Biweekly, students in grades K-5 attend ‘house meetings’ to plan for events, discuss issues, learn social skills, engage in activities or simply spend time with each other. This vertical grouping with the same children over a period of time creates a smaller community within the school that fosters a sense of belonging.


The experience of being together over several years as a group, we believe, fosters faith in working as a community, where personal interest sometimes has to be held back because of understanding the value of the common good.

The purpose of having houses is:

  • To build and promote community across the grade levels and throughout the school

  • To encourage positive behavior and expectations

  • To teach students to take ownership of their role in the community

  • To promote healthy competition

house points - 3RD Nine Weeks


2,310 points

2ND place


2,262 points

3RD place


2,245 points

4TH place


2,492 points


As part​ of our House System, students can earn points for exhibiting different types of positive behavior. We strive to not only teach academics at Carver but we also want to reach the social and emotional needs of our students. Our House System helps us do just that. We teach social skills to our kids that we expect them to exhibit on a daily basis. When students are caught doing these things they are given points. At the end of each 9-weeks, we take all the students in the winning house on a celebratory field trip to someplace special. We've been to Crater of Diamonds State Park, Pinnacle Mountain, Professor Bowl, The University of Central Arkansas's Planetarium to name just a few.

Awarding Points:

  • House points can be earned based on positive behavior (1 point per behavior)

  • House points cannot be taken away once earned

  • A celebration will take place at the end of each 9-weeks for the winning house

  • A recognition will take place at the end of the year for the House of the Year

  • House points will start over each 9-weeks, but a cumulative total will be kept for the end of the year

Screen Shot 2019-05-26 at 12.17.48
Next House Meeting
MAY 13, 2022


House of Friendship

Country of origin - Spain

Language - Spanish

Character Word - Love


House of Service

Country of origin - Germany

Language - German

Character Word - Serve


House of Knowledge

Country of origin -South Africa

Language - Zulu

Character Word - Learn


House of Leadership

Country of origin - Nigeria

Language - Yoruba

Character Word - Lead

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