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Ms. Cook Wins AIAA Foundation Educator Achievement Award

Three K–12 educators from across the United States have won the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Foundation Educator Achievement Awards, honoring their efforts to promote science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education.

“Educators have a profound effect on the future––we all remember our favorite teachers, who taught us to see exciting possibilities in challenges,” said Jim Maser, AIAA Foundation chair. “These winners have inspired their students to reach for more and see a world full of fun challenges to solve. We are grateful for their dedication. Their influence on their students today will ripple out in ways we can only imagine.”

This year’s honorees each received $5,000 for themselves as well as $5,000 for their respective schools. The winners of the 2019 AIAA Foundation Educator Achievement Award are:

  • Charlotte Cook, Young Astronaut Specialist at Carver Magnet School in Little Rock, Arkansas, for “bringing STEM practices to our school, district, and community by utilizing AIAA and other resources that open students’ eyes to endless possibilities.”

  • Patricia Palazzolo, Gifted Education Coordinator at Upper St. Clair High School in Upper St. Clair, Pennsylvania, for “encouraging students to pursue space- and STEM-related careers through hands-on projects and mentorship.”

  • Megan L. Tucker, STEAM Specialist at Hillsboro Charter Academy in Hillsboro, Virginia, for “inspiring a love of STEAM nationally for scholars and colleagues alike using aerospace education, Megan has a passionate mission for creating an ‘Aviation Fascination’!”

The AIAA Foundation Educator Achievement Award recognizes K–12 educators for outstanding contributions to the continued study of STEM subjects among America’s youth. Each of these teachers has had a significant impact on creating the next generation of aerospace professionals who will shape our community’s future. Since 1997, the award has honored more than 65 educators from the United States.

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